Shree Gajanan Maharaj Origin

Swami Samarth gave several people His PADUKA (foot print or wooden sandals). People used to bring Him wooden sandals. He would bless them and give them back as an object of worship. However, before He left the body in the year 1878, He removed from His neck the one-eyed RUDRAKSHA bead He was wearing and tied it on the neck of His disciple, BALAPPA. Swamiji put the orange cloth He used around Balappa and also gave Him the flag and Paduka which He was wearing. He gave the following command to Ballapa, “You start a separate MATH here”, meaning in AKKALKOT. The Math was built and it came to be known as Balappa Math. A new tradition of Gurus thus came into existence- Lord Dattatreya, who is the Guru of all Gurus, then Swami Samarth and then Balappa Maharaj.

When Balappa Maharaj was about to leave the body He handed over all the insignia of the Math which He had received from Swami Samarth to Gangadhar Maharaj. He put the one-eyed Rudraksha bead around Gangadhar Maharaj’s neck and handed over the Paduka and the flag as Swami Samarth did before. When Gangadhar Maharaj was about to leave the body He did the same thing to GAJANAN MAHARAJ who was the next choice to occupy the position as head of the Math.

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