March 2015


         Do not become miserable over past mistakes. Let it be a springboard for the future.

        Now we do more Yajnya, particularly in the densely populated areas where pollution problems are paramount.

         All the time have Mantra on your lips, all the time. Do not become thrown to and from every day by troubles in life. At least say, “For this trouble I am deeply grateful, as this is my Karma and it shall no longer anger me, but humble me.” Then the whole thing changes. You can reverse your negative life Karma. Try it.


         Take refuge in silence. All else will come.

          You will always find all Answers you seek  in Meditation.

         Yoga is most beneficial for body’s systems rejuvenation. If done correctly, Yoga can slow down the aging process.

         After some time, the strain becomes more and more and even the best personal relationships fail. So one has to have humility. Until one is willing to really go a little deeper, all the relationships are the same: highs and lows. Pride is the worst enemy. Humility is the way.

         It does not matter where you are living now. There is no place free from pollution and its degenerating effects on the mind. No matter where you go in a few years, you will see in the country and in the city the same anger, same mental disturbances. Everywhere. We must protect ourselves and our families from impending disaster. Only through Yajnya this can be done.

        Proper diet, Meditation, Prayer and Service.

         There are choices we must make. Always the choice is yours to take. No one is going to tell you right from wrong. When you are given such clear guidance there need be no questions about this.

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