The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we farm are all poisoned. Pollution is the biggest problem of our time. And it’s an everyday problem that affects our life and future.

Whether we like it or not we have already handed ourselves on a silver platter of technology into the jaws of death. Technology is responsible for depleting the soil of all nutrients, poisoning the air we breathe, polluting the water we drink, destroying so-called plant and animal pests with herbicides, pesticides and insecticides, and poisoning human beings with a large array of chemical food additives and preservatives.

Man cannot survive this era without a massive attempt to counteract the destruction. We must rely upon scientific means to undo the effects of polluted conditions in the atmosphere, soil, water and on all life forms. Modern science has no answers to combat this multi-sided attach on Nature itself.

There is no way left for us but to land in the gold mine of knowledge called Vedas, the ancient-most body of knowledge known to mankind.

Homa Therapy comes from this source of knowledge and is the solution to purify our atmosphere.

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